About Us

Omega Pharma was founded in Lebanon in 2013, one of the Sammak group companies specialized in producing high quality cosmetics and personal care products.. We rely on our products to use high-quality imported raw materials from the largest specialized international companies .Omega Pharma also use European production lines conforming to the specifications of GMP.

Our objectives

Providing world-class products by combining innovative formulation, high-quality materials and quality control systematic cross-section of product development and laboratory section .

All Omega Pharma products are subject to extensive scientific and laboratory study before they released in order to product high quality products as the company makes a questionnaire survey for new markets in order to obtain information about consumer views the product and improved so as to match the consumer segment in various markets.

The company is currently exporting to many countries, which are the company's record and varieties officially, the policy of our business in foreign markets based method of professional long-term, in terms of adoption agents distinct and employ publicity crew of an integrated and professional, trained and provided with all the skills and special sessions delegates publicity and sales, all that is strengthened with the latest follow-up methods and practical study of marketing and sales, and to ensure full access to all members of the health community in these countries, and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers around the world.