Hair loss

Hair loss can be brought on by psychological and physical stressors, such as undergoing certain surgeries, being seriously ill, or being exposed to certain psychological issues. Once these issues are resolved, hair will regrow to its typical state.
Hormonal imbalance: This can happen during pregnancy and childbirth as hair growth is enhanced during pregnancy due to the increase in hormones and begins to fall out after birth due to a sudden drop in the level of hormones.
An increase or deficiency of thyroid hormone can cause hair loss that returns to normal after treatment of a thyroid imbalance.
use of some medications, such as drugs that are used to treat cancer, drugs that are used to dilute the blood (heparin), and chloroquine, which is used to treat malaria. As seen in polycystic ovary syndrome, excess male hormone (testosterone) causes hair loss on the head as well as an increase in body hair. infection with some local infections of the scalp, such as fungal infections that cause hair loss in the pubic area. Also, the frequent use of chemical dyes exposure to severe sunlight Excessive use of hair beauty products (hair conditioner, creams, oils, hair gels, hairspray) leads to damage and increased hair loss.